finding opportunities

delivering on potential

We find unique commercial properties and transform them to their full potential, delivering compelling investor returns along the way.

The Westland Advantage

Westland Investors has over 40 years of experience in hundreds of real estate investments, netting an average ROI of 23%.  We provide high-return real estate opportunities for clients who value sound, transparent, deal-centric, and highly customizable investment strategies.

Westland’s stable track record of buying, improving, and selling multi-family properties as active investors and investment advisors positions us to maximize the return for owner-investors at each stage of an apartment investment’s life cycle.  

For investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio, Westland Investors delivers experience, creativity and commitment to achieve results.  

Our Track Record

Investors have a never ending array of venture opportunities.  Why do our clients continue investing with us decade after decade?  

Our work speaks for itself: we’re proud to say that our clients have increased their value every step of the way, be it cash flow needs to long term value creation.  


of apartment
investing history


Annual ROI


of Projects
Over 10,000 Units

Westland's Proven Strategy

Per Unit Growth

In strong rental markets, Westland purchases older, more distressed apartment communities and invests up to $10-20k per unit in targeted, transformative  upgrades that enable us to achieve a $30k+ value growth per unit.

Attractive Turnarounds

Westland achieves these results by merging decades of apartment ownership and management experience with niche properties (properties perceived as unattractive to other investors).  In short, we see opportunities where others don’t.

Asset Value Timeline

We take about six months to complete upgrades and another year to stabilize the income with higher paying tenants, at which time, we sell the complex for a favorable gain and deliver compelling returns to our investors.


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