Our philosophy

Westland has the vision to transform underperforming properties to create a sense of place and inspired living for residents. And we start with the basics of course… like fixing the leaking roofs, replacing the dilapidated siding, protecting foundations , and eliminating trip hazards. But we don't stop there. We look at the community on the whole. Are there lots of young professionals in our residents, we look to create hiking and biking trails. If there's young children, we incorporate creative play stations on the grounds. Our aim is for the environments provided at apartment complexes to be vital part of ensuring a high quality of life.

At Westland, we take a bigger view of apartment investment. It’s not enough to have a green approach to new projects at the center of cities. We need to consider how to best upgrade neglected multifamily housing located in the suburbs and exurbs as well. These assets often have huge amounts of carbon emissions already built into them, since they were constructed with the less efficient engines and materials of the 20th century. One might be tempted to scrap underperforming properties for something new. However, that would put more strain on the environment than necessary. Instead, we have chosen to embrace existing buildings and look for efficient and earth friendly ways to revitalize their character.

Our awards

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