Our philosophy

We care about our residents: 

Westland finds unique commercial real estate opportunities and transforms them to their full potential. We design for better living, with details that elevate communities -- from the basics like repairs and landscaping, to the unexpected, like communal art and dog parks.

We care about our investors:

We’ve found that when we design for better living, we also deliver compelling investor returns along the way. Over the last 40 years, we have delivered on average a 23% ROI for our investors.  

We care about our planet:

Adaptive re-use of older properties is not only good for communities, but also good for the planet. We embrace existing buildings in the suburbs and look for efficient and earth friendly ways to revitalize their character. We have found that it is far more environmentally friendly to work with what we have rather than scrap buildings entirely. Our expertise enables us to thoughtfully revitalize these buildings and make them great places to live.

Our awards

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