Building Community

September 8, 2022

By Clarke Stackhouse

Portland, Oregon

Building community is core to our purpose at Centro Management, the property management arm of Westland. We own and manage ten properties in the Pacific Northwest, where we aim to offer our residents more than just a place to live, but a place to connect and build community. 

We do this in a variety of ways – from designing public spaces where people can gather to offering unique opportunities to come together.  Two of the events we participated in this summer included the Beaverton Pride Parade and a Planting Party held at our West on Murray property.  In Beaverton, we paraded with pride to celebrate diversity and equal rights for everyone, wearing Centro shirts and passing out candy to attendees.  A good time was had by all on a beautiful and HOT Oregon summer day!

And at our West on Murray property, we opened up our twelve brand new garden beds to residents to plant whatever they want to have on site – from herbs to vegetables to flowers! We held a planting party in June and plan to award a special prize to the resident whose crop has yielded the best plants this fall! Having access to something like your own garden bed when you live in an apartment is a special perk. And meeting other gardening enthusiasts has been fun for our residents at West on Murray.



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