Westland Investors operates its own property management company to better integrate capabilities and add more value to its properties. Centro Management is a full service property management division of Westland Investors, offering rental services, on-site maintenance and resources for the properties owned by Westland.

Centro Management gives us increased control over our properties, ensuring we manage properties effectively for both our renters and our investors. Benefits include the following:

  • Having proximity to onsite staff members enables us to build more meaningful relationships, generate loyalty and further our property-specific goals. Staff members that are successful in their roles will be promoted and rewarded, aligning their success to ours.
  • Communications are streamlined through Centro, enabling our team to react immediately to any problems that arise, saving delays that might require a more expensive solution. 
  • In-house management enables us to build a stronger and more reliable vendor network. This helps ensure pricing is fair and work is complete in a timely nature. 
  • We are better equipped to make rental adjustments. Our goal is always to ensure our rates meet market demand and reflect the quality of our properties. 

With the additional control of an in-house property management company, we can raise the value of each asset we own, and offer a well-managed rental experience for our tenants.

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