Where others see problems, we see opportunities

Through market highs and lows, shelter is a basic human necessity. With stricter borrowing guidelines on home ownership, demand for rental housing has increased, as have rental rates as a result.

Rising rents have ignited a boom in new apartment construction with high rents due to the cost of new construction.

At the same time, many real estate investment funds are opting for large apartment complexes in prime condition at elevated prices, resulting in limited returns.

This situation creates a niche opportunity for Westland.  Our model allows higher returns on what we are targeting. In the Pacific Northwest, we've both upgraded existing apartments receiving below-market rents at high returns and built new construction under budget and ahead of schedule. 

Westland's offering is more customized than what larger institutional funds can offer. We offer that prefect middle ground for investors- we're both proven in concept and agile with market trends.

Westland is using this expertise as we expand to Europe and beyond.